We take great care in the esthetics and making of our products. Which is why we accompany each “Œnosablier” with a warranty longer than that imposed by law of 5 years for the stainless steel and 2 years for ABS models.

IMPORTANT: The above warranty can only be applied when the products are used under the conditions in which they were manufactured for and when applying the recommended cleaning procedures listed below:

How to Care for your “Œnosablier”
– Do not drop or bang the “Œnosablier” . This will cause serious dents that can lead to leakage.
– Do not put into a dishwasher for risk of product deformation.
– Do not use steam or antibacterial programs of a dishwasher.
– Do not use industrial strength detergents (bleach, ammonia, …)
– Wash and rinse by hand and only with lukewarm water with a conventional household detergent, then dry with a normal drying cloth or tissue.

If you are not sure that your Sales team will follow these recommendations, we strongly suggest your using the stainless steel models.

Each unit comes with instructions for mounting and maintenance.